Mock Investor Summit



After weeks of planning, strategizing and preparing finally came the D-day: The day when 14 teams, representing 14 different countries, came together to attract investors to invest into their chosen countries and sectors.

The day prior was filled with eagerness and excitement. From the lottery for the stall position, to the stall decoration, to the final preparation, the college was flooded juniors and their senior mentors running all over the place from the classrooms to the Xerox centre. With everyone sleeping at 5.00 in the morning, the entire college was transformed into a hub of activity with lights and students all over the place.

The event began by 9.30 a.m. sharp. The investment panel consisted of esteemed industry investors, some internal faculty and 3 groups of student investors. Armed with virtual money and the ability to invest in FDI and FII respectively, the investors were swarmed with students where representatives from each team tried their level best to attract investors to their stalls.

It was a day full of excitement and the phrase ‘time flies’ literally came true for those few hours. Students were high on adrenaline and not once did anything think of anything besides it.

In all, it was an excellent end to a great event: An event where actual concepts of business, finance, negotiations and investments were studied, understood and implemented in ones

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