Library/Information Center

A fully automated modern Library & Information Center (LIC) caters to the ever growing and uncompromising information and intellectual requirements of the students, faculty & Staff.


With the revolution in the print media faculty are busy in research work writing Books, articles and so on, thus needs to keep the library updated with the various resources thus acquiring, reading and annotating books, journals, reports and other materials becomes important task.

As of now the SIOM library is equipped with Books -14166, Titles - 9859 Back Volumes of Periodicals - 38, CD -1203,DVD -381, PERIODICALS International Journals -22, National Journals- 44 Magazines - 37, E Journals 37289, In-house 01, Online Data Bases - 11, Institutional Memberships - 11.

Audio/video aids, CD - ROM and other electronic forms of documents makes learning an interesting and vibrant activity.

The library has specialized user-friendly web-enabled library software called KOHA where the students can search & reserve books online and get updated information of renewal date.



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