Life Skills

Promotion of Social justice is a function of the culture, attitude and behavioral pattern of human beings. The 360 degree student development approach ensures development of concern for social justice and good citizenship values amongst the students. Non-Academic initiatives such as the Art of Living, Vipassana, health-holistic workshop, community service etc. all contribute to this in a big way. The staff is very much part of the 360 degree development process. Their culture, attitude and behavior with the students, peers, subordinates and seniors are closely monitored to ensure that social justice prevails at all times. They are constantly counseled in that direction.

These inputs from the SIOM reach the community when students, staff and faculty interact with the community. SIOM students, staff and faculty are well respected in the locality. This feeling about SIOM fraternity is further enhanced through the community projects in which the SIOM students, staff and faculty get involved. Tree plantation, Blood Donation, service to senior citizens and orphanages has all contributed to creating an image for the SIOM fraternity as institution with significant community concern.

The purpose of involving the students in community projects is to promote the aspect of social responsibility and citizenship values. At the Institution level, however, this continuity of supporting and strengthening the neighborhood community is appropriately maintained from batch to batch. There have been sustainable relationships developed with the local community and local NGOs.

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